Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men

Following surgical treatments for prostate cancer, incontinence is usually experienced. The pelvic floor muscles are required to control urinary continence. Our male physiotherapists can teach you pre-operatively and post-operatively pelvic floor exercises to regain control of urinary incontinence. We can use explanation, manual techniques and instruction and even real time ultrasound retraining of these deep muscles to assist you in regaining normal function.

What are the Pelvic Floor Muscles?

These are a group of muscles which stretch like a hammock from the pubic bone at the front, to the coccyx at the back. These muscles support the bladder, urethra and bowel. The muscle sphincters which encircle these openings act as valves to control the flow of urine and faeces.

Usually these muscles act as a group, squeezing and relaxing together. The pelvic floor muscles are always slightly tense and the sphincters are normally closed. When urine is passed, or the bowel opened, the muscle floor relaxes and the sphincter opens. Afterwards the muscles contract again and the sphincters close. Pelvic floor muscles are therefore important for urinary continence, faecal continence and sexual enjoyment.

What does an appointment involve? 

A one on one private session will take approximately one hour and partners are welcome.
Your Physiotherapist will give you:

  •  A detailed explanation of the anatomy and function of the pelvic floor.
  • Discuss the role of exercise both prior to, and after prostate surgery.
  • Instruct and demonstrate pelvic floor exercises.
  • Supply you with a handout and exercise program.
  • Follow up support throughout your rehabilitation.

For more information or advice do not hesitate to contact our office 5559 7191 to speak to one of our Physiotherapists. We welcome enquiries and can put you in touch with Urologists, specialist nurses, and support groups.