City Coast Physio offers a range of consulting services designed to assist companies manage their workforce.

We also consult on-site at large companies as required. We function as employer advocates and occupational health and safety consultants covering orthopaedic and musculoskeletal injury risk assessments, pre-employment evaluations, injury management services and return-to-work rehabilitation.

What is our Experience?

Over years of collectively managing thousands of Workcover and privately insured patients, we have developed an awareness of the many issues, tactics and pitfalls associated with workplace injury claims. We have successfully rehabilitated thousands of cases back to gainful employment.

Goals of our PROACTIVE workplace intervention:

  • Reduced Workcover premiums
  • Improved staff morale
  • Improved staff effectiveness/productivity
  • Proactive rather than reactive workforce


Services Include:

1.Early Intervention (in-rooms or on-site);

We immediately respond (within 24hrs) to any workplace accident, injury or claim to reduce claim costs by correctly treating the injury in its early stages and managing the claim process effectively. We also liaise directly with the OH&S or HR manager and can even help implement policy.

2.Preventative Physio;

Performed on 'at risk' staff members to reduce likelihood of an injury.

3.Educational Lectures/Seminars;

Topics ranging from back care to posture and injury prevention.

4.Manual Handling training;

Updated information for all staff members specific to the physical requirements of their manual tasks.

5.Ergonomic Assessments;

To minimize the impact of current working conditions on staff well being.

6.Pre-employment screening;

These are a simple and cost effective way to identify employees that might be easily susceptible to injury and hence future workcover claims.

7.Preventative stretching and exercise programs;

Home exercise programs for rehabilitation and injury prevention in either an individual or group setting.


"Our focus and emphasis is on the employee to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. We enable them with the knowledge and skills to best manage their own musculo-skeletal health at work and at home."